Friday, April 2, 2010

Macro Resources

So for any that live primarily never paying any attention to the fact that Visual Studio supports macros like me.  I thought in the spirit of my last post it would help to have some resources around other useful macros.

Additionally apparently macros can be auto triggered by 'Environment' Events such as solution open or close
Here's a nice list from the Stackoverflow community
  • Awesome Visual Studio Macros
    • Selected Text browser macros (whatever you have highlighted/selected in your code file)
      • google it
      • spellcheck the word
      • MSDN search
    • InsertNewGuidLiteral
    • AutoClose the start page when you open a solution
    • AutoOpen the start page when you close a solution
    • Automatic Build timer with every build to the output window
    • Dual monitor / Single monitor macro for switching back and forth on the fly
    • Outlining: Collapse to definitions but expand regions

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