Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Experimental Technologies

Before I lose track of all the things I've been touching in the last 6 months, I wanted to say something on the matter of each and keep track of where I've been and where I might want to go.

Mef - twice (both plug-in UI projects)

Vs2010 Add-ins -

  1.  checks all project reference to ensure none are absolute paths, one that d
  2.  ExtensionsProject for my team
    1. parses all project files 
    2. locates .config files
    3. checks for config values to be in compliance with team standards
    4. checks your projects' FileCodeModel to confirm the code meets other team standards
    5. will remove some project file customizations temporarily, confirm it builds in release mode, then brings up the svn commit dialog
    6. allows you to store compliance information on your modules/projects on the team for easy access.
  3. used a pluggable UI by importing an Action or using the default built-in messagebox if no extension is found.

  1. Team policy reminder/enforcers
    1. warn on calls to forbidden methods
      1.  GC.Collect
      2. GC.AddMemoryPressure
      3. Messagebox.Show
    2. warn if inheriting directly from Windows.Forms or Windows.Control
    3. warn if a control or form subclass constructor does not call InitializeComponent()
    4. warn if a control property is not set per team standards
      1. DialogBorderStyle must be fixed
    5. error if you do not override certain virtual properties (legacy need from vs2005 designer bug)
    6. error if you have code that raises a NotImplementedException
    7. warn if you don't have hungarian notation to name controls
    8. warn if fields are not private
  2. Policy to ensure a project does not call a Config value or index that does not exist.
  • Mef extension  UI
  • Web data scraper/exporter
  • datagrid context menu
  • Mvc 2
    • Lots of projects 2 at work, many more at home
  • Mvc 3
    • Got 2/3 through a project and had to go back to MVC2 due to changing requirements, transfer went very well.
  • Unity - Nice DI framework from Microsoft.
  • Ninject - Very nice lightweight DI framework
  • Poor Man's - Did manual DI for the longest time, so happy to have finally switched to learning Ninject and Unity
  • Wrote a task that walks all found project files under a path and determines safe build DirectedAcylicGraphs
    • Detects Circular dependencies/references
    • walks project files in parallel
  • Wrote a task on the ordering task that will generate a properly parallelizing and multi-threading MsBuild project file.
  • Rx - wrote a producer consumer where a consumer can produce additional items to be consumed
  • PLinq - used in Rx producer consumer to parallelize the Rx search
  • Async CTP - have not used it quite yet, but did attend the 2010 PDC broadcast
  • Linq-2-Sql - lots of personal projects
  • EF4 - now that I've used it, I actually like it much better than linq to sql

Javascript cross site script without Preflight / Cross Origin Resource Sharing - also Http Access Control
  • Wrote javascript that uses jQuery in a bookmarklet to allow users to save data from a page on one site cross-domain into a private secured store in a db, with group sharing options, aka Cross Origin Sharing requests
Unit Testing - 

I'm sure I've forgotten some and did not get to looking at the future of where I want to go, but it's quite a nice start.

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