Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Local NuGet Feed on network drive

This was so much simpler than I imagined. I followed this article from Hanselman.

  1. Get the NuGet.exe command line here. Put it in the %path% or somewhere.
  2. Create a directory for your package - I created mine on the network share directly
  3. on the command line in your new folder nuget.exe spec
    1. Depends on your nuget.exe being in the %path%
  4. edit any fields in the new Package.nuspec file.
  5. If you have assemblies
    1. Add a lib folder
      1. Add assemblies inside
  6. If you have other content
    1. Add a content folder
      1. Add files inside
  7. If you have transforms
    1. Add filename.transform inside the content folder
      1. For example web.config.transform
  8. nuget.exe pack package.nuspec
Package created!

Now add that location in your Vs2010  Tools->LibraryPackageManager->PackageManagerSettings
In Package sources add the source, and name it. TADA!

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