Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recent PoC and experimentations

  • Downloaded the's Source code
    • Retargeted cctray to .net 4, added the ability for it to work against tfs2010.
  • Installed WP7 SDK
    • after the pain  I went through to allow 4 gigs of free space on my system drive (SSD), it said it only needed 515Mb to install. Yet the installer would not even attempt to install without the huge extra free space.
    • Searched for options to actually load a simple one-button app on my phone to try it out.
      • Found NOTHING that allows you to do that for free.
  • Installed Windows7 Sdk
  • Read comments from Jon Skeet indicating Eclipse is far ahead of Visual Studio and so:

    • Searched for options to write C# in Eclipse
    • Installed Eclipse, PyDev, and Jython
      • Can't get eclipse to let me using the jython interpreter so far.
    • Did a java homework assignment from a local college java class in eclipse
  • Implemented Mark Seemann's Composition root ideas in a web forms user control.
  • Took a small cursory look through a Knockout.js IDE webapp
  • Added myself and some of my personal projects to ohloh
  • Joined a minecraft protocol project

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