Monday, February 11, 2013

What did you do this weekend?

Well it's been quite a full weekend!

During the work week:

  • Learned about WebAPI's IQueryable possibilities
  • Found out they changed the ruling on Entity Framework
    • We can now select straight into POCOs instead of only anonymous types or EF types
    • Still can't find any articles, blog posts, or announcements about this change.
  • Forced EF to allow me to do queries that span linked databases.
  • Used Knockout to consume the OData (or WebApi IQueryable)
    • complete with a user friendly search form
  • Explored PhantomJs for headless browser automation and testing
  • Updated my win forms tool for scraping data from our Stash and Crucible
  • Explored some SpecFlow

What did you do?

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