Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tools for the mobile developer

I like to have the freedom to be have access to pretty much any application/functionality wherever I happen to be. In light of that here are several useful free websites, webapps, and small downloads that make that possible:
  • Project Management/bug tracking - PivotalTracker
    • Collaborative native
    • automatic emailing
    • allows you to use the same login to manage work vs personal projects
    • API so that you could write a webapp that reported bugs straight into your project tracker.
  •  Version control
    • ProjectLocker
      • Subversion/Git
      • Also project management via wiki, trac, build locker, document management
    • GitHub 
      • I had some speed issues uploading via their web interface through the corporate firewalls
      • Have not tried it with a client app
  • ToDo list -
  • LinqPad
    • linq to sql test bench
    • speedy code testing bench
    • free for all features except intellisense
    • Purchase license to enable intellisense (even for sql server 2005!)
  • Developer forums -
  • Regular expressions
    • RegExr - Online expression testing tool
  • UML/flowcharting
  • Mind mapping
  • OCR
  • Collaborative
      • White board
      • live audio
      • text chat
      • image collaboration
  • Personal music library webapp

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