Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Source Safe potentially unsound

This article brings some concerns to the possible switching to SourceSafe to be consistent with our partner team(s):

                -“There's simply no reason to use SourceSafe when there are so many inexpensive (and even free) alternatives that are vastly superior
-“SourceSafe was a perfectly adequate source control system in the late 90's. Unfortunately, SourceSafe was never updated architecturally to reflect modern source control practices. Even the latest version, SourceSafe 2005, absolutely reeks of 1999
-“SourceSafe gives you the illusion of safety and control, while exposing your project to risk. “
-“SourceSafe teaches developers bad habits: avoid branching, exclusive locks, easy permanent deletions. “

with links to major issues and risks using SourceSafe:
 -“Visual SourceSafe was most Microsoft developers' first introduction to any kind of source control at all. That's great. But holding on to SourceSafe's archaic source control conventions is doing more damage than good these days. Make the switch to Team System, Subversion, or any other modern source control system of your choice.

Team System is also from Microsoft as a version control system for teams of programmers.  My current estimation is that it is probably over the top in cost and functionality for our needs.

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